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Is your lanai too hot to use during the afternoon? Is your bedroom too bright in the morning? Do your window treatments work for you? They should! One of the most important features of a window treatment is that it performs a function that enhances your home and the way you live. Choose the function below that you are interested in achieving with your next window treatment project.

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Products That Will Reduce Light

Is there too much glare on your television?  Too much light in your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep in?  Choosing the right window treatment can save the day!

The first decision is to determine how much light you want to block:  complete room darkening (blackout), light filtering or sheer (screen)

Blackout shades will completely block all light coming through the fabric of a shade.  Depending on the installation, there may still be light gaps at the edges of blackout shades.  Woven Wood Shades, Roman Shades and Draperies can be lined with a blackout liner to provide maximum light reduction.  Additional features such as side channels can be added to reduce light gaps at the edges of blackout shades.

Light Filtering shades will reduce the amount of light coming through the fabric of a shade.  The amount of light transmitted can vary widely depending on the type of material and the installation method.  Most light filtering shades will also provide privacy.

Sheer window treatments such as Solar Shades will reduce the amount of light entering a room but still let you see out.  These shades are often used to reduce glare but are not considered a privacy shade.

Plantation Shutters and Wood Blinds will effectively darken a room but usually not considered blackout due to the light gaps between louvers.


Suggested Products

Blackout Cellular Shades

Reduce light in a stylish and simple way. Blackout Cellular Shades are compact and can either be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with existing window treatments to provide the light reduction you require.

Blackout Drapery

Elegant and functional. Draperies with a blackout liner can be used with almost any decor to provide light reduction. Drapery side panels can also be used in front of blackout shades to reduce light gaps.

Solar Shades

Solar Shades will reduce light and glare but still let you see out.


Products That Will Reduce Heat

There are many window treatments that can reduce heat in your home and make your living space more comfortable.


Suggested Products

Plantation Shutters

Wood is a great insulator. Wood Plantation Shutters area great option to reduce the heat in the Summer and insulate your home in the Winter.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are great at reducing heat because of the pocket of air trapped between the cells in the fabric. Cellular Shades have the benefit of being a compact and stylish treatment that fits with many different decors.


Products That Will Increase Privacy

Nosey Neighbors?  We can help.  Many window treatments can provide privacy.  Plantation Shutters and Wood Blinds can provide privacy but have the flexibility to be tilted opened when privacy isn’t required.  If privacy is a key concern, be sure to avoid sheer treatments such as Solar Shades or Sheer Draperies.


Suggested Products

Plantation Shutters

Shutters are great for providing privacy when desired. We can also provide a mid-rail on Plantation Shutters where you can have privacy on the bottom of the opening and still have the louvers on the top of the opening tilted open to let in light.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades are an elegant and stylish way to provide privacy. Choose from many styles and fabrics to match your decor.


Products That Will Reduce Noise

Some window treatments can serve as an absorber for sound in a room.  There are two types of sound reduction that should be addressed :

Sound (reverberation) within a room from a home theater system, children’s toys, appliances and equipment can be reduced by adding heavy, massive window treatments that can absorb sound energy.  This type of sound absorption is comparable to adding furniture or wall coverings to a room to make it less “boomy”.

Noise from exterior sources such as traffic, air conditioning units, pool pumps, etc. can be moderately reduced with the use of multiple layers of heavy, massive window treatments.

The amount of sound reduced by window treatments is not an exact science and can vary widely depending on the type and installation of window treatments.  For extreme noise or sound issues, a professional acoustical consultant should be contacted.


Suggested Products


Draperies with inner-lining or theatrical (velour) draperies can be used to reduce noise within a room.

Plantation Shutters

Large mass and framed-in installation make Plantation Shutters a good choice for reducing exterior noise. A layer of inner-lined Draperies can be used in conjunction with Shutters to further reduce noise.