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Having trouble figuring out what to do with those sliding doors?  Need help with that big arch?  Here’s a list of common window types and some recommendations of window treatments that work best.

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Sliding Glass Door Design Ideas

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What can I put on my sliding glass doors?”  The answer is, “Many, many, many things!”  Almost any window treatment can be used on sliding glass doors.

For doors that are used frequently, a sliding (side-to-side) treatment makes the most sense for ease of use.  Many of these treatments can span very wide openings.

Horizontal treatments such as Cellular Shades or Roller Shades can be used on sliding glass doors.  The benefit to these treatments is that they can be rolled or pulled up and concealed under a Valance or Cornice for a clean, uncluttered look.



Suggested Products

Woven Wood Averte

One of the most popular treatments for Sliding Glass Doors, the Woven Wood Averte gives you the casual style of Woven Woods with the ease of use of a hand drawn drapery.


Many styles of Draperies are available to fit almost any style and any size opening.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a simple and economical way to cover large sliding glass doors. All of our Verticals are crafted in our local factory for a quick delivery.

Cellular Slider and Shades

Cellular Sliders (operated side-to-side) are a compact and easy way to cover sliding glass doors. Cellular Shades (pulled up) can be concealed beneath a Valance or Cornice for a seamless look.


French Doors Design Ideas

The right window treatment for a French Door is either permanently fixed to the door or a treatment that is light weight and able to move with the door.  Hold down brackets should be used with Cellular, Sheer Shades or Roller Shades.


Suggested Products

Sheer Shadings (Silhouette)

Silhouettes look great on any opening but are nice on French Doors because they are relatively light weight and give you flexibility in privacy and light.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters, when used on French Doors, are permanently attached to the door. Cut-outs are used when the door has swing-style knobs.


Transom / High Window Design Ideas

Transom windows or openings that are high and out-of-reach are tricky to cover.  Usually, these openings need to be covered due to light or heat issues and privacy is not typically a concern.  To avoid long set of operation cords, motorization should be considered for these window treatments.


Suggested Products

Motorized Shades

Almost any window treatment can be motorized to become the perfect solution for transom windows.

Solar Shades

Solar Shades are great for reducing the amount of sun coming in an opening but not sacrificing too much light or view.


Arched Window Design Ideas

Arched and Eyebrow openings can be tricky.  Perfect arches are arched openings where the width is exactly double the height.  These openings may not require a template to custom create a window treatment.  Openings that are irregular in shape will require a template and possibly special installation details.


Suggested Products

Plantation Shutters

Shutters can be crafted in two distinct ways to fit an arched opening. Arch-top panels look like standard Shutters with a curved top. Starburst Shutters have fan-shaped louvers and do not hinge open.

Tableaux Faux Iron

For a purely decorative treatment, Tableaux Faux Iron Traceries are a great way to accent any arched opening.


Skylight Design Ideas

Skylights are a great feature in homes to bring in natural daylight.  However, that often brings along a huge source of heat in many homes.  A great treatment for skylights will reduce the heat but also let the light still filter through.

Additionally, skylight treatments should be either motorized or be able to be operated with a wand or extension pole.


Suggested Products

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are great for reducing heat yet letting some light through. They can also be easily motorized and custom made to fit any size or shaped opening.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters can be used on skylights with the use of an extension pole to operate the louvers. Shutters are also a great insulator.