Aluminum Blinds (Mini Blinds)

Aluminum blinds, also called mini blinds or venetian blinds, are a cost effective and durable choice for any room in your home or office. For those who need a practical window treatment at affordable prices, aluminum blinds are a perfect solution.

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  • Aluminum blinds are available in a wide array of colors.
  • Metallic finishes are also available for that sleek, modern look.

Slat Options

  • 1/2″ slats (micro mini blinds) are suitable  in scale for small openings.
  • 1″ slats are the most common and cost effective option with the most color options.
  • 2″ slats offer greater visibility.

Valance Options

  • Contoured headrails provide a clean, sleek appearance without the need for a valance.
  • Double slatted headrails incorporate two slats of the same color as your blind into the face of the headrail.
  • Wood Cornices or Soft Valances and Cornices are available as an alternative to the standard valances.

Control Options

  • Standard Controls have the tilt wand on the left and the lift cords are on the right.
  • Reversed Controls have the tilt wand on the right and the lift cords on the left.
  • Cordless blinds simply raise and lower with the touch of your hand. Cords are still required to tilt the slats.
  • Wand tilts are standard for most aluminum blinds.  Tilt cords can be ordered if preferred.

Other Options

  • The Hidden Holes feature places the route holes on the aluminum slat further back on the shade to provide more privacy and reduce light gaps when the blind is closed.
  • MagnaView option on Hunter Douglas Aluminum Blinds offers the greatest visibility with any slatted blind.  Blind slats are grouped and combined when tilted open.  This feature is difficult to explain but is impressive in person.  Come by our showroom to have a look.
Aluminum Blinds (Mini Blinds) Aluminum Blinds (Mini Blinds) Aluminum Blinds (Mini Blinds)