Motorization and Home Automation

Motorized blinds and shades are a convenient solution for homes or businesses. Large, heavy shades or blinds are a perfect example. Motorization is also a great option for disabled person(s). Motorized blinds can also be used to reduce energy costs in your home or to improve security.

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Power Options

  • Battery / Wire-Free powered shades are a perfect solution in areas where electrical wiring is not possible such as skylights and french doors. Batteries last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 years and are replaceable.
  • Plug-In powered shades plug into standard wall outlet. Wires can be exposed, concealed behind a valance or an electrician can install an outlet near the top of the shade.
  • In-wall powered shades conceal all wires within the walls.

Control Options

  • Remote Controls
  • Wall Switch
  • Both Remote Controls and Wall Switches allow for multiple channels so a control can operate a single shade or a group of shades
  • Integration in a Home Automation system is also available. Call or stop by our showroom for more information.

Other Options / Features

Home Automation

Metro Blinds is experienced in integrating our window treatments with several home automation systems including : Control4, Lutron, TahomA, Crestron and more.  Planning is key when integrating your window treatments with a home automation system as special wiring and other considerations will come in to play.

Motorization and Home Automation Motorization and Home Automation Motorization and Home Automation

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