Plantation Shutters

Shutters offer an elegant solution to control light and heat , provide privacy and to dress up your home. Our beautiful Shutters are locally crafted from solid American hardwood and can be designed for almost any shape and size.

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Finish Options

  • Stained Hardwood Shutters are available in several stock stains and also available in custom stain-match.
  • Painted Hardwood Shutters are custom painted to match any color you can imagine.  Typically, painted shutters match the color of the existing trim work in a home.
  • Solid Vinyl Shutters are a great choice for areas where the shutter may be in contact with water or very high humidity such as bathrooms or non-air conditioned areas.  Vinyl shutters are available in white and off-white colors.

Wood Species

  • Poplar & Basswood are used to make our shutters. Both are North American hardwoods with very close grains that hold color extremely well and do not bleed like soft woods such as pine. Woods that bleed can cause paint discoloration, wood swelling and warping.

Louver Size

  • Choose from 2-1/2″, 3-1/2″ and 4-1/2″ louvers.  Smaller louvers may look more proportionate on smaller scale homes or windows.  Larger louvers will allow a greater view and more light to come in.  However, most of the Plantation Shutters we install have 3-1/2″ louvers.

Frame Styles

  • Standard Z Frame are used on inside mounted shutters.  This frame has a clean, simple style and a 1-1/2″ face width.
  • Deluxe Z Frame is our upgraded frame style also used on inside mount shutters.  This frame has a 2-1/2″ face width and coordinates well with colonial style trim and crown molding.
  • L-Moldings  are used for inside mount shutters where there is existing trim.
  • Hang Strips are used for outside mount shutters.
  • Deluxe Hang Strips are used for outside mount shutters with the larger profile that works well with colonial style trim and crown molding.

Other Options

  • Mid-Rails  can be used to allow separate operation of the top and bottom louvers and provide additional strength to a panel by installing a dividing rail horizontally across the shutter panel.
  • Split Tilts, similar to Mid-rails, allow the shutter to have a separate top and bottom operation.  With split tilts, however, there is not a dividing rail.  The tilt bar is simply cut at the position where you prefer the louver separation to be.
  • Hidden Tilts position the tilt bar on the back side of the louvers, thus “hidden tilt”.  This feature can be used to create a clean, more contemporary look on the front (rom facing side) of the shutter.
  • Sill Caps are used to cover existing window sills to allow a place for the frames to terminate into while creating a more finished look.
  • French Door Cut Outs can be provided on doors where a shutter may interfere with the operation of a lever style handle.

Specialty Shutters

  • Bi-Pass Shutters are installed on a sliding track system and commonly used on sliding glass doors or other large openings.
  • Arch-Top Panels are a great solution to cover those arched or eyebrow windows.
  • Starburst Shutters are an alternative solution for arched openings.
  • Circle / Oval Shutters
  • Angle Top Panels
  • Skylight Shutters

Things to Consider : Shutters

  • Plantation Shutters are a great solution to reduce heat.
  • Shutters are one of the only window treatments that will increase the appraised value of your home.
  • Plantation Shutters are a durable product with little maintenance and service required after installation.
  • Plantation Shutters will darken a room significantly but should not be considered a complete blackout solution due to the light gaps between the louvers.


Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters

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