Pleated Shades

Simply styled and designed, pleated shades are a cost effective window covering. They provide an attractive look to any window and are easy to operate.

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Fabric Options

  • Hundreds of fabric colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Room darkening liners can be added to some Pleated Shade fabrics.

Pleat Options

  • 1″ pleats are the standard size for most Pleated Shades.
  • 2″ pleats offer a larger scale option

Control Options

  • Cordlock Controls (Standard)
  • Cordless
  • Top Down-Bottom Up
  • Motorized

Things to Consider

  • Pleated Shades are a sleek, stylish and cost effective treatment for windows and doors.  Pleated Shades are best used in projects where cost is a constraint but some style is desired.
  • Pleated Shades may not be an effective solution on most sliding glass doors due to the size of these openings.
  • Pleated Shades are a single, folded-fabric shade.  Lift cords will be exposed and light will show through the cord holes in the fabric.  For this reason, Pleated Shades are not considered a complete blackout solution.
Pleated Shades Pleated Shades

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