Sheer Vertical Blinds (Luminette or AdoWrap)

Tired of that vertical blind look? Sheer verticals are a great way to keep the function of verticals and upgrade your style. Metro Blinds provides two options for sheer verticals: Luminette by Hunter Douglas and AdoWrap by Ado Fabrics.

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Hunter Douglas Luminette

  • Choose from light filtering or room darkening vertical vanes.
  • Vertical fabric vanes are attached to the sheer.
  • Many pattern and color choices available although most colors are neutrals (whites and beiges).
  • Luminettes come standard on a contemporary style rod color coordinated to the sheer.  A Valance or Cornice may be added if you wish to conceal the standard rod.
  • Luminettes can be pulled to the right, left or split in the center.
  • Motorized draw and tilt is available.  Cord/wand controls are standard.


  • AdoWraps consist of a standard vertical blind that is wrapped in a sheer fabric.  The sheers are attached to the vertical vane (slat) by a snap system at the top of the slat and a pocket sewn at the bottom of the sheer.
  • AdoWraps are removable from the vertical blinds.
  • All AdoWraps are machine washable.  Please see manufactures instructions for your specific fabric before attempting to launder your sheers.
  • We highly recommend a Valance or Cornice upgrade to add value to your treatment.  Wood Cornices are also a popular choice.
  • Hundreds of sheer patterns and fabrics to choose from.
  • Eurohem weighted hem allows fabric to hang uniformly and is standard on all AdoWraps.
  • Cord and chain controls are standard for AdoWraps.  Wand drawn AdoWraps are not recommended due to the weight of the fabric.  Motorized tracks are also available for AdoWraps.

Things to Consider : Sheer Verticals

  • While room darkening vanes are available with both Luminettes and AdoWraps, they are still considered a blind with adjustable slats and light gaps between slats are inherent with these products.  If complete room darkening is desired, please have a look at our Blackout Shade options.
  • Center split options are available for both Luminettes and AdoWraps.  However, with AdoWraps, the light gap in the middle of a center split installation can sometimes be quite large and may not be desirable.  We recommend one-way draw applications for AdoWraps.
Sheer Vertical Blinds (Luminette or AdoWrap) Sheer Vertical Blinds (Luminette or AdoWrap)

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