Solar Shades (Sun Screens)

Block the Sun, Keep the View! Solar Shades (also known as Sun Screens) come in an array of colors and styles and can be designed for almost any opening. These shades are a cost effective way to reduce sun, heat and glare in your home lanais and also commonly used in restaurants and office spaces.

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Fabric Options

  • Choose the level of sun protection that you require. Solar shades are available from 75% UV blockage up to 99%. A higher UV blockage will provide more sun protection but reduce the visibility out of the shade.
  • Hundreds of color and pattern choices available.
  • Many fabrics can be used outdoors to allow you to enjoy your patio or lanai.

Control Options

  • Continuous Cord Loop or Beaded Chain (Standard)
  • Spring (Cordless)
  • Spring Assist consists of a beaded chain mechanism with a spring assist system to help raise large, heavy shades
  • Motorized

Valance Options

  • Solar Shades do not come with a valance as a standard option.  The roll of fabric and brackets/hardware will be exposed.  Choose from the following options if you desire to conceal the fabric roll and hardware.
  • Cassette Headrail conceals the roll of fabric in a stylish, rounded enclosure made to match your shade.
  • Facia Valance hides the roll of fabric behind a sleek, contemporary, metal valance.
  • 6″ Valances consist of a valance made of the same material as the shade.

Additional Options

  • Cable Guide System
  • Side Channels
  • Upgraded Clutch mechanism can be used for easier lifting of large shades.

Things to Consider : Solar Shades

  • Solar shades can be made to cover fairly large spans up to 140″ in a single shade.  When installing a shade this wide, it is highly recommended to upgrade the clutch mechanism or motorize the shade for ease of use.
  • Solar shades have relatively large light gaps at the edges of the shades which may range from 1/2″ to 1″ depending on the control option.  To reduce light gaps, considered installing as an outside mount or adding side channels.
  • When installing Solar Shades adjacent to outdoor insect screens (as commonly done on lanais), there will be a “screen on screen” effect.  This effect, also known as a moray effect consists of wavy lines that can be bothersome to some people.  This effect can vary widely depending on the type of Solar Shade, type of screen and the installation of the Solar Shade.  We have an example of this effect on display in our showroom.
  • Solar Shades are not intended to provide privacy.  At night, when your lights are on inside, people outside of your home can see in clearly.  Try Cellular Shades or Plantation Shutters for a more private window treatment.
Solar Shades (Sun Screens) Solar Shades (Sun Screens)

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