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Tried and true and cost effective, Wood Blinds have endured the test of time. Wood Blinds enhance the look of any room and provide optimal light control by simply rotating the slats.

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  • Stained Wood Blinds allow the grain and natural beauty of the wood to stand out.
  • Painted Wood Blinds are available in many different colors.
  • Custom Painted Wood Blinds are also available to match any color you wish.

Slat Options

  • 1″ slats are suitable for small openings.
  • 2″ slats are the most common and cost effective option with the most color options.
  • 2 1/2″ slats offer greater visibility.
  • 2 1/2″ bevelled or elliptical slats give the feel of a Plantation Shutter with the flexibility of a blind.

Valance Options

  • Decorative valances are included with every wood blind. The style and size vary depending on the specific blind that is ordered.

Control Options

  • Standard Controls have the tilt cord on the left and the lift cords are on the right.
  • Reversed Controls have the tilt cords on the right and the lift cords on the left.
  • Grouped Controls allow the lift and tilt control cords to be grouped either on the right or left.
  • Cordless wood blinds simply raise and lower with the touch of your hand. Cords are still required to tilt the slats.
  • Motorized controls allow the effortless control of the tilt operation.  Cords are still required to raise and lower the blind.
  • Wand tilts can also be ordered if cords just aren’t for you. Cords are still required to raise and lower the blind.

Other Options

  • Routeless (no holes) option provides more light reduction.  Standard lift cords are run through holes in the slats of the blind.  Routeless blinds have lift cords run on the outside of the slat eliminating the need for holes in the slat and providing more light reduction.
  • Cloth tape can be used to dress up the look of Wood Blinds and to hide the strings that run through the slats.

Things to Consider

  • While Wood Blinds are a lighter weight option than Faux Wood Blinds, they can still be heavy and difficult to operate when ordered very wide (more than 80″ wide) or very tall (more than 96″ tall).  Consider splitting large openings into several blinds or, perhaps, choose another Product.
  • Wood blinds are considered room darkening.  However, there will be light gaps between the slats which may not be considered “complete room darkening” to some.  For more complete room darkening solutions, consider blackout cellularroller or roman shades.
Wood Blinds Wood Blinds Wood Blinds

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