Metro Blinds repairs window treatments of all kinds.  We have a large inventory of parts and knowledge to diagnose and repair many window treatment issues.  When calling or coming into our store for repair services, please have your original sales receipt/invoice for your product or have the name of the manufacturer of your window treatment.

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In-Home Repairs

Metro Blinds provides in-home repair service for any products that were originally purchased through Metro Blinds and installed by a Metro Blinds Installer.  For all products purchased and installed in the past (1) year, Metro Blinds will provide in-home repair service at no charge.  For all products outside of the 1 year service warranty, there will be a minimum service charge.  Please have your sales receipt ready when you call in to request in-home repairs.  Please see our Warranty Service page for more information.

Sorry, Metro Blinds does not provide in-home repairs for products not originally purchased and installed by us.


In-shop Repairs

Metro Blinds provides in-shop repair service for most products.  Please bring your window treatment in for inspection and we will provide a quote for repair services.

For products originally purchased through Metro Blinds and still under warranty, in-shop repairs are a no-cost service.  Please bring in your original sales receipt when you come in.

For products not purchased through Metro Blinds, we will provide a quote for repair upon inspection. 


Manufacturer Repairs

If a product cannot be repaired in our facility, products may be shipped to the original manufacturer for repair.  For products purchased through Metro Blinds, there will be shipping charges if the product is outside of the 1 year service warranty.

For all products not originally purchased through Metro Blinds, shipping charges and any repair charges will apply.

There are some repairs that we may not be able to help with.  In this case, we would be happy to show you some options for replacing your broken window treatment.  Please contact our office for more information.

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